3 Best Mens High Hold Pomades

A lot of guys are looking for the best pomade for men. Typical issues with pomades range from not enough hold to washing out as soon as any moisture arises. We have found a few pomades that solve these problems. Are you are an athlete? Do you have super thick hair? Sweat a lot? We have the pomade that will set your hair straight (or styled).


The best high hold pomades for men

1. Layrite Super Hold

best pomade for men

Layrite has a variety of hair products, and there is one thing in common with their high hold line, its STRONG. The super hold version of the pomade has a fairly thick consistency which allows you to scoop and get it warmed up in your palms very easily. Application is smooth, no sticking to your hands or hair. If you are looking for an extremely strong hold, apply it to DRY hair. If you are looking for a little less hold than that, apply to damp hair. It will work into your hair fairly quickly and provide a quality shine. It tends to have a bit too much shine for the first 10-15 minutes, and then it tones down and is spot on. One downside to Layrite super hold: It wont hold  your hair in place in very windy/arduous conditions. If you are looking for something that wont budge even in the windiest conditions, you may need to add hairspray. That’s really the only con to this product.

For 95% of the guys out there needing a high hold pomade, this is the your pomade. There is a reason its rated as the best pomade for men, because it is.




  2. Suavecito Firme Hold

If you’ve read some of ourbest pomade for men article s you are no stranger to Suavecito. They make great products and they have an awesome scent. Firme hold is like other high hold pomades, fairly thick consistency that stays together well when warming it up in your hands. One quality of Suavecito that other pomades lack is the quick style time — that means it sets quickly and keeps your hair in place. It is easily set in place with your hands or a comb and provides a great shine. Like other pomades, rain and sweat can wash it out if you get your hair too wet. On the other hand, it washes out easily. You won’t have to wash your hair 2-3 times like you will with a wax based pomade.

I definitely recommend checking out Suavecito Firme Hold, its a quality product that brings consistency with it. You will not be disappointed.




3. Admiral Strong Hold Classic Pomade

best pomade for menAdmiral strong hold has a couple qualities that the first two do not. First, it has a coconut scent. It depends on your preference, some people will like it straight away and some will grow to like it. I think everyone will come around to it. The second is that it contains beeswax. This will provide a few things. First, it will strength the hold. Second, it makes the pomade quite a bit thicker and a bit stickier. Again, this is a personal preference thing. I’m not a huge fan of beeswax in pomades as it makes it hard to style in my hair. On the other side, there are a LOT of guys out there who love this pomade and it works perfectly for them. The pomade still is overall water based and washes out fairly well. You will get a great, grease free shine and even hold from this product.

Admiral Strong Hold is a strong hold, well reviewed product that produces consistent results. Its definitely worth a buy.





Can’t decide which one of these 3 awesome pomades you want? Honestly, that’s a good thing! I encourage everyone to do exactly what I did, try all three! If you don’t want to get them all in one go, no big deal. Try one, when it runs low, grab another one and try that out. I am 100% confident you will find the pomade for you.


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