3 Best Mens Regular Hold Pomades

Finding YOUR optimal pomade

Before you jump in and grab one of these awesome pomades, there are a few things to do. First, find out your hair type. Check out Men’s Hair Care 101 or Choose The Right Styling Product, both of which can help you find your hair type. After that, find yourself a classic hairstyle you want. Now we can choose a pomade.

The 3 best mens regular hold pomades

1. Suavecito Regular Hold

  best men's regular hold pomade

Suavecito has exploded in popularity lately, and for good reason. They have come up with an awesome line of pomades. Why does Suavecito rank as the best mens regular hold pomade? A few reasons.

  1. Consistent hold – Both the regular and firm versions provide the advertised hold. Additionally it lasts all day.
  2. Awesome scent – There are quite a few pomades out there that have no smell or smell like a salon, this isn’t one. The best description I can think of for the scent is “light, but manly”.
  3. Easy to wash out – You wont have any trouble washing Suavecito out, its highly water soluble and comes out in one rinse.
  4. Quick styling time – It doesn’t take long at all to shape your hair and let it set.

Of course with all upsides there are downsides (albeit not many). The 4 oz size that Suavecito comes in can be used up pretty quickly, and your only other option is to buy a 3-pack or a 32oz tub. Second, it can be a bit heavy (too strong) for guys with very fine/thin hair. Suavecito should be your first choice if you are trying a new pomade. When it works great for you, you can grab yourself the larger size and it will last for quite a while.

Overall Rating – 9/10



2. Baxter of California Soft Water Pomade

best men's regular hold pomade








Baxter of California is a premium men’s grooming and lifestyle product retailer. They absolutely know what they are doing and their pomade reflects it. The soft water pomade hits the spot in all the major categories. Here are the highlights:

  1. The Scent – Baxter nailed it with the fresh, citrus fragrance.
  2. Texture – The pomade is very easy to scoop out and work into your hair.
  3. Control and hold – It absolutely lets you style your mane.
  4. Dries “soft” – You know that crusty, hard feeling you get from a lot of products? Not gonna happen here.

Baxter of California’s pomade illuminates why they are a premium dealer featured in small boutique shops and high end men’s grooming retailers. They are really good at what they do. The downside to this pomade? It doesn’t hold up well at all to any form of activity. If you have any plans of being active and using this stuff, you will be in trouble. It will come out quickly with sweat. Check it out here.

Overall Rating – 8.5/10


3. Smooth Viking Medium Hold

best men's regular hold pomade

Smooth Viking is EXTREMELY well reviewed on Amazon — So much so that I think its actually the highest rated/most reviewed one out there. Although its a solid product, I don’t think its quite as impressive as Suavecito. Here are your upsides:

  1. True medium hold – As advertised it provides a solid medium hold, great for thinner/less hair.
  2. Lightly scented – Ever opened up a product and got hit in the face by a smell wave? Won’t happen here.
  3. Applies well – Works easily into damp/dry hair.
  4. Best Name – Okay, this isn’t exactly a quality but Smooth Viking is definitely the best name on this list.

I only had a couple problems when I used Smooth Viking. First, it came out fairly quickly when I started sweating and tried to reshape it. Second, it only comes with 2 oz per container. That’s half or less or what a typical pomade comes in. A good product that has a lot of support, but I definitely think you should try out our top two before this one. If you want a stronger version of their product, try their max hold.

Overall Rating – 7.5/10


Final Thoughts

You are looking at three great products here. I definitely recommend trying a few different pomades out before you settle on one. You might find a great pomade, and then find THE pomade. If you have an awesome product you want reviewed or recommended please comment and let us know!



  1. By James Francois


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