Mens Hair Care 101

Mens Hair Care 101 : The Guidelines

Let me ask you a question, is your idea of mens hair care “wash, rinse, repeat daily”? I know that a LOT of guys out there have this mentality and its the wrong one. There are a few basic rules in mens hair care 101.

Learn your hair type

Before we talk mens hair care 101, we need to know your hair type. To find your hair type ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my hair thin?
  • Is my hair thick?
  • Is it straight?
  • Is it curly?
  • Is it tightly curled?
  • Do I have hair?

Based on the answers to those questions you should know what major type of hair you have. If you still aren’t sure, look at the picture below or check out our guide on finding hair styling products which will help with that and more.


Learn how often to wash your hair

This one is going to be a bit more trial and error, but its very important for hair health and is a mens hair care 101 staple. If you currently wash your hair every day, start with going to every other day. The goal here is to find a balance that maintains the healthy oils in your hair while not letting them build up too much. No two people are the same, so don’t just assume what your buddy with great hair does is right for you. I personally wash my hair every 2-3 days. In addition to that I use an argan oil based conditioner daily to maintain great hair health.

mens hair care


Choose the right mens hair styling product

Finding the correct hair styling product is the step directly after finding out your hair type. Thin hair? Probably a bad idea to use a super high hold wax. Think and curly hair? A light hold cream isn’t going to cut it. We have already mentioned it once, and if you still haven’t read it for some reason go check out our guide on finding the right products for your hair type.

mens hair care


Perform regular maintenance

This truly is mens hair care 101. A good rule of thumb is to see your barber around once a month. Have a shorter hairstyle? You probably will need to get it cut within a 2-4 week range. If your hair is a little bit longer you may survive 5-6 weeks before getting a cut. Just don’t be the guy that doesn’t go for months because you are “growing it out” and don’t think it needs maintenance. Trust us on that one, split ends are very bad for hair health. Bonus tip: Grab a small trimmer kit and you can touch up around ears/neck and add some time between required cuts.

Men's Hair Care 101

Take care of your general health

This one is more of a “Mens Lifestyle 101” piece of advice but its extremely important for not only hair health, but for your personal health. Make sure you are getting daily exercise, eating healthy and in general taking care of yourself. A body with no nutrients and poor health wont support hair growth like a healthy one.

men's hair care 101


Use a conditioner

Our last piece of advice is for the guy who uses the “2 in 1” product and thinks “Ah its got conditioner in it, I’m fine.”  Please do your hair a favor and get yourself a good shampoo and conditioner and use them properly. If you’ve read through this article you should already know you most likely shouldn’t be washing your hair daily, so what do you do on those in between days? Condition!



And that’s it! Mens Hair Care 101 made (fairly) simple. This is by no means an “end all” list of hair care rules, but if you employ these in your daily life you are going to improve your hair health and hair style. Enjoy that mane!

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